Francesca Scanzi
Vice President
Francesca Scanzi - Vice President

Scienze Politiche 

Erasmus: Rostock, Germany

Sara Ghisalberti
Sara Ghisalberti - Secretary

03/14/1995 - International Cooperation  - Murcia 2016

Loves: ​Cooking, travelling and animals 

Hates: Sport 

Languages: Spanish and English

Vera Balacco
Local Representative
Vera Balacco - Local Representative

10/08/1995 - Languages for Intercultural Communication - Riga 2017

Loves: ​Travelling, Photography, Cats, New Experiences

Hates: Cheese, Boring and fake people, My real name

Languages: English, Russian

Valeria Reccagni
Valeria Reccagni - Treasurer

01/07/1996 - Finance & Accounting  - Geneva 2016-2017

Loves: ​Travelling, Sport, meeting new people, baking cakes

Hates: Repeating things, cleaning the windows, staying alone 

Languages: English, French, German